How Much Does Dermabrasion Cost?

What is Dermabrasion?

The word ‘Derma’ relates to the skin and its ailments. Dermabrasion, more commonly known as “skin refinishing,” is a surgery performed on the skin to improve its appearance and promote effective skin healthcare, particularly in cases where the skin has suffered extreme damage due to overexposure to the sun, burns, an illness such as chicken pox, or severe acne. Additionally, accident victims who have experienced serious injuries to the skin may opt for dermabrasion treatment.

Dermabrasion Treatment Procedures

For many people, good healthcare concerning the skin is an important priority with regards to maintaining and enhancing their physical appearance. However, skin refinishing or dermabrasion can be a very painful procedure, and patients will usually take several months to recover. In the early days of dermabrasion surgery, sterilized electric sanders were often used but today, laser skin refinishing techniques offer cleaner and more effective remedies. The surgical procedure involves the skin being “scraped” to give the uneven surface of the skin a finer finish. It is not necessary for large areas of skin to undergo the treatment. For example, if skin on the cheek area is affected then it is not required for the entire face to be treated, just the affected area.

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Dermabrasion Surgery Aftercare

Dermabrasion is a form of cosmetic healthcare, but like all surgical procedures, there are risks. However, following proper post-op directions can greatly reduce the likelihood of side effects and complications. Medication to alleviate pain may be administered on the advice of a surgeon but care must be taken to ensure the skin in question is not prematurely exposed to the sun, as it takes at least 4-5 months for the skin to heal properly after surgery.

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