How Much Does Gastric Banding Cost?

What is Gastric Banding (Lap Band)?

Gastric banding is a healthcare procedure that is helpful in reducing weight for patients suffering from obesity. A silicon prosthetic band, known as a lap band, is fitted on the upper portion of the stomach through laparoscopic surgery, restricting the amount of food intake. The placing of a small band reduces the effective size of the stomach. Gastric banding (lap band) is a form of restrictive weight loss surgery that is advised for patients with a body mass index over 40. Patients seeking weight loss through gastric banding method are generally people who have tried and exhausted the traditional diet and exercise methods of weight loss (dieting, medication, etc). This healthcare procedure is not recommended for patients suffering form ulcers, esophagitis, and Cohn’s disease. Although the operation is relatively safe, patients opting for this surgical procedure should consult their physicians about any possible healthcare risks.

The Gastric Banding (Lap Band) Procedure

A gastric banding procedure usually takes 30-60 minutes under general anesthesia. The lap band is fitted on the upper part of the stomach through a tiny incision in the abdomen. The band is adjustable, which enables it to tighten or loosen its grip on the stomach. The surgeon varies the grip of the band depending on the age, weight, and overall health of the patient. The patient is normally advised to adhere to a liquid-only diet initially after the surgery and move on to semi-solid and solid foods gradually. Patients who undergo gastric banding operations are advised at all times to chew food more and eat slowly to prevent gas build-up and burping. The patient will be required to visit the clinic regularly after the operation to monitor the adjustment of the band and the weight loss progress.

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