How Much Does Mentoplasty Cost?

What is Mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty is a surgical healthcare that corrects chin malformation or reshapes an out of proportion chin to suit other facial features. Also known as genioplasty, mentoplasty can perform a variety of functions as part of craniofacial reconstruction, or as part of orthognathic surgery, which is the repositioning of facial bones to facilitate one’s ability to speak or chew.

Mentoplasty Procedures

Mentoplasty procedures can enlarge or decrease chin size. The patient’s dental history is assessed along with head and jaw x-rays to determine whether the disproportion of the face can be improved by a chin implant or reduction, or whether it requires orthognathic surgery. Chin implants or reductions are usually performed as outpatient procedures where the patient may receive a general or local anaesthetic. Orthognathic surgery can also be performed as an outpatient healthcare procedure, but is usually carried out under general anaesthesia in a hospital.

The Mentoplasty Procedure – Chin Augmentation and Reduction

To increase the size of a patient’s chin, a sterile implant is either placed under the skin of the chin (submental), or by an incision inside the mouth (intraoral). A sliding genioplasty procedure involves removing part of the jawbone which is then moved forward and secured with metal plates and screws. Reducing a large or protruding chin is similar to the chin augmentation procedure, except that excess bone is removed from the chin by an intraoral or submental incision.

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