How Much Does Shoulder Tendon Repair Cost?

What is Shoulder Tendon Repair (Rotator Cuff Repair)?

Shoulder tendon repair (or rotator cuff repair) is the surgical healthcare procedure used to repair torn tendons in the shoulder joint area. A tendon is a cord that joins the bone to the muscle. The rotator cuff (or shoulder tendon) is the band of tendons across the top of the shoulder joint.

Who Requires Shoulder Tendon Repair (Rotator Cuff Repair)?

This surgical healthcare procedure is required when tendons in the rotator cuff area above the shoulder joint become torn. When this happens, the torn tendon rubs against the bone above, causing pain in the shoulder joint and often restricting arm movement substantially.

What Happens in Shoulder Tendon Repair?

After the patient has been placed under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision over the front of the shoulder, providing direct access to the torn tendon or tendons. The healthcare surgeon then removes some of the overlying bone to prevent the tendon from rubbing against it. The torn shoulder tendons are repaired with stitches as is the resulting skin wound. The patient usually has to remain at the hospital for 2 days for post-surgery observation. The arm is normally immobilized, usually, placed in a sling and medication may be administered to manage any existing pain. A full recovery may be gained through exercise, stretching, rest, and physical therapy. Stitch removal usually takes place within 12 days of the operation. It may take two weeks before the patient can resume normal activities and return to work.

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