How Much Will Laser Hair Removal Cost and Other FAQs

Laser Hair Removal: Eligibility, Efficacy, and the Cost Factor

Although laser hair removal is growing in popularity, it doesn’t have the same kind of success rates for everybody. Tanned skin doesn’t react well to lasers and neither does blond or gray hair. Dark haired people are better suited for hair removal through lasers. (This might be a good time to admit that your color came out of a bottle.) There is also a misconception that every strand of hair will be permanently removed in a session. That’s usually not the case. Treatments can last anywhere from 4 to 10 sessions and even then, it’s normal to find fine hairs that begin to grow and then fall out. Close to 1.4 million Americans chose laser hair removal in 2005, not surprising at all when you consider that it’s more than worth the cost to be able to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Plastic Surgery Financing for Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal is a non invasive procedure, it still is included in the wider sphere of plastic surgery, and as such, financing is easily available for those who need it. The cost for a single session at a plastic surgery center that ranges from $350 to $900 depending on the area to be treated can easily be offset by the numerous financing plans available.

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A Thai Medical Vacation

Going overseas for cheaper cosmetic surgery alternatives is not a new phenomenon, and countries like Thailand have built multi-million dollar industries to cater to exactly this trend. From Bangkok to Pattaya, you’ll find cosmetic surgery centers that advertise smoother, hairless skin targeting foreign patients with their attractive prices. Before you sign on for an appointment, ask a few basic questions:

Will the concerned surgeon be performing the procedure himself or will he be conveniently “offsite”?
How do they intend to treat any burning or scarring that may occur?
And more importantly, who pays for such treatments?

A legit outfit – and there are many of them – will also take into consideration your skin type and medical history before proceeding with any hair removal treatments on your Thai vacation. All in all, combining a medical or cosmetic procedure with some much needed vacation time can be an excellent time and cash-saving option for you – just do your homework and ask the right questions before signing a check.

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