How Safe Are Dental Medical Vacations?

Concerns about Dental Tourism Safety

Without a doubt, anyone who has never been on a medical vacation before and doesn’t know anyone who has, would find the suggestion of going abroad for any sort of medical treatment to be quite “troubling.” There are many questions to be asked along the way and much research that needs to be done prior to making a decision. Numerous websites dedicated to medical tourism offer help and information to the uninitiated. When it comes to dental procedures, for example, individuals tend to be more cautious about hygiene and related aspects of dental tourism safety.

Choosing the Right Service Provider for Your Root Canal

To allay these fears, a newcomer to the medical tourism industry would be best advised to research all options on hospitals, doctors, and their qualifications and accreditation by reputed international certifying bodies. Some destinations are more often associated with certain procedures than with others. A patient researching the cost of a root canal may, for instance, choose to go to Thailand rather than India, even though dental tourism is common to both with similar rates. This is because Thailand is home to one of the most reputed hospitals for dental work among the nations that serve the medical tourism industry. Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand offers root canal treatments from an ISO certified facility with high standards of hygiene. Many of the doctors have been trained abroad and are assisted by interpreters to ease communication with patients. Dealing with reputable organizations like this goes a long way toward ensuring a safe and effective experience.

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Will Insurance Cover It?

If, even after finding low rates, the cost of treatments like root canals still bothers you, your next option to research would be insurance. Generally, elective surgeries that are purely cosmetic in nature and do not affect the individual’s health are not covered under current insurance policies. However, there are a number of procedures that are covered even when they are performed abroad. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if a procedure is not insured in your home country, it’s not likely to be insured for treatments performed abroad. Sites such as accept root canal treatments for insurance purposes. Further research would be necessary to determine which providers permit the procedure to be performed abroad.

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