How To Cover the Cost of Breast Lift Surgery?

The Plausibility of Plastic Surgery Financing

Most of us are aware that plastic surgery usually isn’t covered by insurance providers, particularly in cases where the procedure is mostly cosmetic and has no serious health implications. For those of us looking to cover the cost of breast lift surgery (or any type of cosmetic surgery), our options are severely limited. Apart from winning the lottery, drawing upon our savings for a rainy day, or taking out a signature loan (and paying heavy interest fees), there doesn’t appear to be much else in the way of assistance for this kind of procedure. Then again, maybe a closer look at some of those loans may be beneficial.

There are a number of banks offering loans that specifically cater to individuals seeking plastic surgery financing. Doctors who accept financing are usually only getting a percentage of the price that they quote, and the rest of it goes to the financing company. This is known as the “doctor’s discount.” Some doctors are unwilling to accept this reduction and so do not accept financing. You would need to check with your chosen doctor beforehand. Additionally, if your credit is not that great, the bank may not loan you the full amount since this would be an unsecured personal loan similar to a credit card. The less you ask the bank to finance, the more likely it is that you will be approved.

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Medical Tourism: Your Best Alternative

Rather than bear the hassle and expense (with all those high interest fees) and potential effect on your credit with the repayment of the loan amount, medical tourism poses the best alternative. It’s cheap; hundreds of healthcare consumers have tried it with terrific results; and you get a great vacation in an exotic country to boot.

Argentina for a Breast Lift and a Vacation

Argentina is just one of many options available to the medical tourist. Argentina, like Brazil and Thailand, is known for its breast surgeries, including breast augmentation and breast lifts. It also makes a terrific vacation destination. The cost of breast lift surgery is indicated on some sites as US$2,800, which they claim is 50% less than the price in the U.S., and plastic surgery financing is accepted. Patients are advised that they will need to find accommodations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 18 nights to complete all pre/post operative checkups and consultations.

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