How to Tone Those Thighs on Your Thai Holiday

Banish Cellulite through Medical Tourism

Getting rid of excess weight isn’t that much of an uphill task anymore with gastric bypass surgeries and liposuction to remove pockets of fat. The one thing that doctors will conveniently forget to warn you about before your cosmetic surgery, however, is the excess skin that you will have once the procedure has been completed.

Shedding all those pounds doesn’t, by itself, leave you with a bikini-worthy body, and you could be forgiven for being a little miffed at the results. After all, if you’ve spent a hefty price on weight loss surgery in the US, it can be more than a little upsetting to find that the end result leaves you with enough hanging folds of skin to put a Shar Pei to shame.

Having gastric bypass surgery will definitely affect your bottom line, and I don’t mean in dollars. A person who’s had drastic weight loss surgery would need more surgeries to snip off the extra folds of skin. These procedures called body contouring procedures can be performed on most parts of the body, but they are especially common around the stomach and inner thighs. The cost of a thigh lift surgery can be as high as $2,000 to $8,000 in the US, and while some insurers may cover the costs of your weight loss surgery, it’s highly unlikely they’ll cover the cost of the post weight loss body contouring as well.

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Thigh Toning Thai Style

Beautiful Thailand offers what’s probably the most spectacular setting for cosmetic surgery in the world, with prices to match. Low cost body contouring surgeries in this medical tourism Mecca are undertaken to tone not just the thighs, but also uplift the upper arms and remove excess skin from around the abdomen. In short, body contouring surgery adds the finishing touches to the incredible weight loss results that gastric bypass surgery can bring about. Without body contouring after a drastic weight loss, a person would still be slimmer, but with very little of the confidence that he or she might have expected to feel after knocking off all those pounds.

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