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Medical Tourism Emerges as a Big Profit Maker in the Philippines

The island nation of The Philippines, one of the most exotic travel destinations of the world, has been offering medical tourism packages for several years now. To the satisfaction of the local government, the industry has yielded high profits ($200 million USD in its first year alone). With increased awareness of medical tourism, more westerners are opting for medical tourism packages in countries that offer cheap health care options.

Why Opt for Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is an avenue for seeking different health care options at a fraction of the cost in the home country. It’s also a great way to visit new places at bargain prices. In most cases, surgeries and treatments cost a great deal less in medical tourism destinations than they do in western countries. Take the Philippines for example. The cost of dental implants and other dental procedures are extremely low when compared to the United States. In many cases, the cost of dental implants is about a sixth to an eighth of what you might pay Stateside. This seems to be the case with almost all of the medical and dental procedures offered throughout this archipelago.

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The Low Cost of Dental Implants Isn’t the Only Attraction

Although affordability is certainly important, medical tourism packages also offer excellent sightseeing opportunities. Wildlife parks, museums, fine cuisine, amazing shopping, temples, and festivals are just a few of the major draws. Suffice to say that the Philippines is working had to provide cheap medical tourism packages complete with quality care, amazing sightseeing, and enjoyable experiences for all. The country wants to project itself as a leading service provider with strong infrastructure, professional doctors, well-managed hospitals and a host of exotic locales. So in case you are thinking of medical tourism, the Philippines might just prove to be the destination of your choice.

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