In Search of the Perfect Spot for a Dental Medical Vacation

Get Away from the Cost of a Root Canal

Dental tourism packages are becoming increasingly popular as a way to escape the rising costs of dental care. At last, a dental solution that won’t bite back. The added bonus of a medical vacation in glamorous or exotic locales easily serves to sweeten the deal. Now if only there was a way to get away from the imagined pain of a root canal while spending an hour in a dentist’s chair. While a group of PhD’s somewhere must surely be working on that innovation (one can dream), the mood of the hour is set on getting the best dental tourism package for the best price. So where on earth is the best place to escape the cost of a root canal?

What’s All the Fuss about Hungary?

Hungary’s close proximity to the U.S. and Western Europe makes it a hotspot for low cost medical vacations. Medical tourism has progressed steadily in the country over the years. The International Herald Tribune notes that the trend was predictable “since Austrian, Swiss, and German patients have been driving over the Hungarian border for cheaper dental care for 10 to 15 years.” The article points out that the cost of labor, equipment, and real estate is much lower than that in Western Europe. This gives doctors and dentists the ability to offer heavily discounted services compared with those offered in Western Europe.

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Planning Your Medical Vacation

Once you’ve selected your holiday destination, an accredited hospital, and a qualified doctor or dentist, you’ll need to make the usual arrangements for traveling abroad. Book your airline tickets, hotel, and treatment package well in advance, and be sure to confirm all those bookings ahead of time. Some countries expect you to get a visa stamped beforehand, while others offer visas at the port of entry. If you’ve selected a medical tourism package, your tour operator will likely set up most of these arrangements for you, but it never hurts to double check. You could have your tour operator create an itinerary of activities for your trip according to the kind of procedures you’ll need (and the amount of bed rest you’ll be assigned).

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