In The Business of Cheap Health Care How Traveling to Singapore Could Save Your Life

Cheap Health Care and Medical Packages to Malaysia Make Good Business Sense

Medical tourism is a growing international industry which involves patients seeking first-world medical treatment at third-world prices. Medical packages to Malaysia for cheap health care appeal mainly to retirees aged 50-65 as their Medicare has not come into affect yet. Cheap health care and medical packages to Malaysia also make good business sense for self-insured companies who cannot afford benefits for their workers. Often the travel expenses, medical expenses, and accommodation expenses of a medical package to Malaysia are more affordable than having the same medical procedure performed at home. For example, one patient who was admitted to one of the best hospitals for heart surgery in Malaysia received a coronary artery bypass for $12,000 whereas it would have cost him $100,000 back home.
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Quality Facilities Booked for Medical Packages to Malaysia

Medical packages to Malaysia can be booked to include treatment at the best hospitals for heart surgery in Malaysia. Penang Adventist Hospital is a 258 bed private hospital and is part of a network of over 500 facilities across the country. Penang Adventist Hospital claims to be the first private hospital in northern Malaysia to have performed a coronary bypass and laser heart surgery, making it one of the best hospitals for heart surgery in Malaysia.

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Inclusions in Medical Packages to Malaysia

When you book a medical package to Malaysia through these hospitals, make certain every part of your trip will be taken care of. Booking your complete medical package to Malaysia with just one company ensures you are on time for all of your appointments, checkups, and procedures, and make sure you also have time scheduled to relax, recover, and enjoy the attractions of Malaysia.

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