India Boasts an Affordable Hip Replacement Medical Tourism Package

The Best Hospitals in India for Hip Replacement Are Some of the World’s Finest

India seems to have the world’s best medical tourism packages in terms of hip replacement. The country’s technological advances, coupled with US-based training and accreditation increases the appeal for American and British health travelers searching desperately for affordable healthcare. Furthermore, with growing numbers of India’s private practitioners and hospitals vying for leadership with the most attractive medical tourism package, health travelers have come to expect quality procedures and truly affordable healthcare.

India’s Offers a Medical Tourism Package at an Immense Cost Saving

The cost savings that India boasts of are nothing short of phenomenal. One of the best hospitals in India for hip replacement, the Wockhardt Hip Resurfacing Centre in Mumbai, offers hip resurfacing for $8,000. Compare that with the exorbitant $55,000 price in the United States. Resurfacing surgery differs from conventional hip replacement in the amount of activity patients can maintain post surgery. Typically, resurfacing patients are able to maintain active lifestyles without the flexibility limitations associated with traditional hip replacement surgery.

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Not Just Affordable Healthcare: Piling on the Amenities

Wockhardt goes a step further than charging only a fifth of the cost in the US; it offers five star amenities as well. Amenities like ground transportation to and from the hospital only enhance the already radical cost savings. The center’s services challenge the idea of getting what you pay for. In countries like India, medical tourism patients find taking advantage of a hip replacement package affords them “world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes” at an 80% cost savings. The combination of quality care and affordability easily places Wockhardt among the best hospitals in India for hip replacement surgery.

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