India Can Help You Get Back in the Groove

To Improve Health, Vacation in India

Quality medical care at affordable costs makes India a premier health vacation destination with tourists flocking in to sample the exotic vacation packages and get a taste of what the country has to offer. Leading hospital groups like Apollo have JCI accreditation which helps guarantee quality medical care comparable to, if not better than, many hospitals in the United States. India offers advanced medical care in orthopedics, dental, and eye care and is home to some of the best spinal surgery hospitals where procedures like laminectomies are performed with a high degree of precision and success regularly.

Cost of Laminectomy

Before we look at the cost of laminectomy in India, we should know what this procedure entails. Laminectomy surgery, also known as lumbar disc surgery, is a procedure in which pressure on the spinal cord is removed by opening the spinal canal and making it larger. This often relieves intense back pain while also improving mobility and flexibility. In most American hospitals the cost of a laminectomy can be as much as US$8,000.

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Contrast this with Indian medical tourism, where the cost (even with airfare, hotels, and luxury travel) can end up costing less than what you would pay Stateside. And of course there’s the fact that you are on an exotic vacation. True, your mobility might be compromised as you recovery from surgery, but no trip to India would be complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal or the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

Avoid the Dangers of Medical Tourism

A growing industry, medical tourism is not without its dangers. Overcharges, botched surgeries, visa troubles, insurance problems, and follow-up visits are just a few of the issues patients must look into before taking the plunge. Thorough research can help insulate you from some of these dangers, but even still, no one can make total guarantees. Approach this industry with extreme caution and be sure to follow every safety measure imaginable.

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