India Has Americans Turning the Other Cheek

The Beholders Are In India

Move over New York, Los Angeles, and Rio. Those looking for lower plastic surgery prices are beginning to fly to India, Thailand, and Singapore in unprecedented numbers. For the beauty. For the bargains. For the relaxation. Although there aren’t any medical procedures that slow or reverse the aging process, technological advancements in plastic surgery give patients a second chance at youthful appearances and “natural” beauty. It’s not just about getting a makeover; it’s about being redone. Walk away with a new face, behind, smile, chest, or entire body.

Plastic Surgery Prices Aren’t Nearly as Pretty as the Products

There’s something to be said about a youthful appearance. A firm shape will turn heads and a tight, perky face will keep attention where you want it: on you. For better or worse, we live in a culture where external beauty is rewarded, respected, and revered. Those who have it receive special treatment. Those who don’t have it now have the option to buy it. The cost of keeping youthful appearances beyond our years, however, leaves much to be desired, even for procedures like cheek implants. In the United States, the cost of cheek implants can be as much as $5,000; whereas India’s pricing is closer to $2,200. Medical tourism offers unprecedented freedom. You don’t need to have an A-list Hollywood salary to look like an A-list Hollywood celebrity.

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Bargains Abroad Offer Low-Cost Solutions for Plastic Surgery Prices
With rising fuel prices, traveling internationally doesn’t seem like a great way to save money; yet, with discounts of 10-50% or more for medical procedures from dental caps to cheek implants to hip replacement, the savings more than make up for the difference. Besides, you can find medical tourism packages that include the airfare, travel, and lodging in the low cost of the procedure itself. Just be sure to research whatever facilities, doctors, hospitals, and tour operators you sign up with. Ask the right types of questions and make sure you have all of the information you need. There are many great medical tourism facilities around the world, but there is no shortage of scam artists and “questionable” doctors as well.

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