India, the Last Word in Medical Tourism

Many Countries in the Medical Tourism Scenario

Medical communities in countries like Thailand, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Panama, and South Africa have geared up to cater to a growing number of foreign patients. Prohibitive costs and long waiting lists are the reasons that prod and push people to travel to these countries, giving rise to the term medical tourism. Instead of waiting up to a year for a surgical procedure, a patient can arrive at the hospital in the morning, leave in the evening, and board a flight the next day to return home – all for a fraction of the cost that she might have paid had she not considered medical tourism.

The Best Medical Packages are in India

Medical packages offered by other countries actively promoting medical tourism are much more affordable than similar medical packages in the US, UK, and Canada. An Indian medical tourism package, however, truly puts the medical traveler in an advantageous position. Not only is the cost of an India medical tourism package substantially lower, but also the quality of medical service is more dependable than in other countries. In India, a typical medical tourism package covers travel expenses, hotel stays, and treatment costs. According to the Cayman Netnews, “Dodie Gilmore of Caddo, Oklahoma, had hip surgery in India to relieve her of arthritis for $10,500 and this included all expenses for her treatment, travel and accommodation for her and her sister. Originally she was supposed to cough up $28,000-$40,000 for the same surgery in the USA.” This and the fact that many hospitals in India have JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation, position the country more favorably in the advancement of medical tourism.

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