Instead of a Vacation Why Not Take a Health Vacation?

Medical Tourism Agencies and Health Vacation Options

Going for a holiday is becoming passé as an increasing number of people from across the globe are opting for health vacations. India, Thailand, Singapore, and Brazil are some of the hottest destinations for which medical tourism agencies offer highly customized health vacations to medical tourists.

Health Vacation in India

The Indian medical tourism market was estimated to be worth approximately $333 million in 2004, a year that brought over 150,000 medical vacationers to the country. Medical tourism agencies cater to the sundry demands of these tourists offering travel arrangements, reliable doctors, accredited hospitals, translators, local transport, telephone facilities, and guided tours to places of interest. And all of this at a fraction of what you might pay for the lone procedure back home.

If one needs solid examples, let’s look at an almost unknown procedure called spinal stenosis surgery. Part of India’s vast medical offerings, spinal stenosis surgery is a condition in which the spine becomes narrowed in one or more places due aging, arthritis, or various congenital conditions. Symptoms include pain in the neck and back, cramping, numbness, and pain in arms or legs, pain going down the leg, and associated foot problems. A highly specialized procedure, spinal stenosis surgery can cost a fortune in the United States or UK. For example, a spinal decompression can cost anywhere between $20K and $25K in the West. The same procedure costs as little as $5K in India.
Fortunately, you don’t have to go at it alone. Myriad medical tourism agencies can help facilitate the booking, traveling, and recovery arrangements. Having an agency do the legwork and all the arrangements for you can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

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