Internet Bolstering Health and Wellness Tourism in the World

Internet May Be Key to Health and Wellness Tourism in the World

These days, you can purchase just about anything on the internet. But who would have believed that patients in the United States would one day surf the net for a doctor in Thailand, click, and purchase a medical tourism package from their own homes. It’s happening. From books to cars to non-urgent surgical procedures, the internet has truly become a one-stop shopping center. However convenience is only one benefit of the internet’s influence on health and wellness tourism in the world. The bargains for which medical procedures are offered are leading to cheap or more affordable health care costs everywhere. Places like Thailand can in turn continue offering medical tourism packages and make them even more spectacular.

Web Sites Promote Medical Tourism

The reach of e-commerce Web sites touches yet another aspect of medicine: medical tourism. For example, patients without medical insurance can travel to Thailand for surgical medical tourism packages. Sites like offer cheap health care in other Southeastern Asian countries like India and China with medical tourism packages that combine the tourist experience with minor surgeries and other procedures. The growing popularity of Thailand’s medical tourism packages may eventually be the catalyst for cheap health care and an overall increase in health and wellness tourism in the world. For the time being, the phenomenon will continue to experience resistance as health care costs all throughout the supply chain remain high. Hospitals and medical centers are still reluctant to advertise their prices for now. Few are willing to take that first step. Nonetheless, even without the merge of Internet shopping and medical procedures, medical tourism is growing, offering cheaper health care than previously available.

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