Is Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand Really a Better Deal?

Due Diligence is a Must for Health Travel

It is easy to understand how health travel to foreign countries for cosmetic surgery can be enormously rewarding. Most elective surgeries are not covered by insurance, so if one must pay the full price, why not undergo cosmetic surgery in Thailand? The price is less expensive when compared to costs in the United Kingdom, and patients can recover in beautiful, exotic accommodations. However, British women looking for deals on cosmetic surgery in India or cosmetic surgery in Thailand must remember to research not only deals, but also the qualifications of foreign doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

Making the Right Health Travel Decision

Plastic surgeons at James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough, England, see an increasing number of British citizens who require emergency care to correct problems arising from cosmetic surgery in Thailand and other countries. The clinical director of plastic and reconstructive surgery at James Cook Hospital, Martin Coady, advises women to look beyond price and “glossy advertising” when researching health travel destinations. Coady urges women to consult with their general practitioners about surgery risks before leaving the country. He points out that if problems occur after a health travel trip, there is little legal protection and foreign doctors may not be accessible or reluctant to correct the patient’s issue.

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A Guide for Health Travel Decisions

Women traveling for cosmetic surgery in India or other countries now have a guide to help them choose a destination where medical care follows the same standards as reputable, accredited plastic surgeons in the UK do. The UK Department of Health offers a booklet for British citizens titled, “Considering Cosmetic Surgery?” Cosmetic surgery in India or Eastern European countries may be easier on the pocket book, but without proper due diligence and extensive research on foreign surgeons and hospital practices, the results could end up costing more money, not mention one’s health.

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