Is Indian Medical Tourism Overrated?

Medical Tourism Offers Chance to Explore Exoticism and Adventure

If India is your choice for a medical tourism experience, you’ll probably need to make a couple of dozen more trips to be able to explore even half of what this country offers. The land of the Taj is more than just that – one monument to an Emperor’s love. There are thousands of monuments – some so rarely visited that they receive barely a couple of dozen visitors a year at best – out of the way yoga retreats, and mighty rivers named after the gods.

When it comes to elective surgery, India is one of the most celebrated destinations because of the many holiday options this country offers. If you arrive here for a low cost abdominoplasty, you can spend the rest of your vacation (after you’ve healed of course) exploring India’s treasures. If you choose to have minor elective cosmetic surgeries, you’ll need very little time to recuperate which means all the more time to see the country.

If the low cost of major procedures like abdominoplasty is what has drawn you to the country, you might want to consider not traveling too far away from your medical tourism heath center. But no matter where in India you head for your procedure, you’ll find a tourist attraction close to you.

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India: A Monument Right Next To You

If the recent alliance with Harvard is what has attracted you to Wockhardt Hospitals in Bangalore, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty to see in the vicinity. Just a few hours away are the excavated ruins of the kingdom of Hampi, and two and a half hours away is the city of Mysore with a 350-year old palace built in the Indo Sarcenian style, illuminated on weekends.

Medical tourists in Mumbai can look forward to a boat ride to the Elephanta caves on a secluded island that houses sculptures of Shiva in his various forms, sculpted many centuries ago.

Wherever in India you travel, her heritage and history ensure that you will be fully engulfed in mysticism and excitement, not to mention 17th century temples, cloistered retreats, and passionate festivals.

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