Kerala as a Center for Medical Tourism

An Ayurvedic Medical Tourism Package in “Gods Own Country”

The tiny southern Indian state of Kerala has always taken pride in its well established tourism industry. Now Kerala, which touts itself in tourist literature as being “Gods own Country,” offers a new attraction – medical tourism. Already established as one of the “must visit” places in India, Kerala has a steady stream of foreign visitors at any given time. The idea of a highly beneficial medical tourism package would be appealing to many of them. What better than combining the fun of a holiday with the chance of getting that medical procedure you had to get done anyway? And all this at a price you could never dream of back home, with rising costs a major problem in health care there.

Can Ayurveda be a Solution to Rising Costs – A Major Problem in Health Care?

The efficacy of Kerala’s indigenous medicinal system, Ayurveda, has been proven beyond doubt worldwide. Although practiced in many Western countries, it is far more affordable in the land of its birth. With rising costs a major problem in healthcare in many Western countries, the average individual interested in medical tourism will find Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala more cost effective and far more authentic than the watered down versions practiced in the West.

Kerala and its Unique Medical Tourism Package

Most medical institutions in Kerala have been quick to notice how rising costs are becoming such a major problem in health care in the developed world, and are gearing up to cash in on this with an amalgamation of conventional health care services and recreational facilities. The states landscape is now dotted with a number of Ayurvedic resorts and medical centers, each vying with the other in its offer of a more holistic medical tourism package.

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The Challenge of Making Medical Tourism Succeed in Kerala

Lately, however, dark clouds have been gathering on the state’s horizon. Large sections of the population were recently laid low by an epidemic of Chikungunya, a viral infection, causing many a “would be” medical tourist to have second thoughts about reposing faith in a system that could perhaps add to one’s woes rather than alleviate them. According to M I Sahadullah, Chief Managing Director of KIMS, such outbreaks could discourage a medical tourist from visiting Kerala and availing of a medical tourism package. The need of the hour, therefore, is for Kerala to address its long neglected problems concerning environmental degradation, pollution levels, and waste management. Kerala does have everything else going for it, and it is up to the state administration to set its public health system in order. Only then will Kerala be able to fully realize its medical tourism potential.

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