Kerala, India Vigorously Promotes Health Vacations

Health Vacations and Cheap Healthcare

In addition to its tropical environment and beautiful resorts, Kerala also plans to promote cheap healthcare through the booming medical tourism industry. Figures point to an increasing number of tourists from Europe, America and other parts of Asia coming for health vacations in several specialty hospitals in India. The concept, which the medical community promotes, is supported by the state government and the Confederation of Indian Industry. They believe that Kerala offers a major cost advantage plus clear-cut quality healthcare for tourists in the aforementioned hospitals.

Safe from the Dangers of Medical Tourism

Tourism managers in Kerala maintain that a citizen of the United Kingdom or the United States can have dental extraction and still spare enough holiday money if he opts to have the work performed in India and not in his country. Dr. Rajkrishnan, a dental medicine practitioner in Kochi, states that a typical clinic in Kerala would charge about US $100 for a root canal treatment while the same procedure in the United States would cost a whopping $1000. However, it is important for potential patients to properly research a facility before accepting services. Many medical tourism destinations have hospitals and dental clinics that lack proper certification and accreditation. In order to avoid these apparent dangers of medical tourism, thorough homework must be done in advance.

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Cheap Healthcare on the Rise in Kerala

What is contributing to the growth of medical tourism and health vacations? Medical tourists come to Kerala for specialized treatments in world-class hospitals, which include cosmetic surgery, hip replacement, and a whole spectrum of dental treatments. Over and above these is the assurance that they are getting their money’s worth while still avoiding the perceived dangers of medical tourism. Many medical practitioners and institutions in India are accredited worldwide.

Confident with the market that Kerala already has and the possibilities up ahead, the Confederation of Indian Industry held the Kerala Health Tourism Meet 2007 last March, showcasing the best that Kerala offers in medical and tour packages. Top officials from abroad graced the occasion.

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