Laparoscopy and Dye

What is a Laparoscopy and Dye Test?

A laparoscopy and dye test is a surgical healthcare procedure that involves checking the fallopian tubes and ovaries to determine if they are healthy enough for pregnancy. It’s important to know that this procedure is strictly for diagnostic purposes and cannot correct abnormailities or complications in the reproductive system.

Who Needs a Laparoscopy and Dye Test?

In order to become pregnant, a woman must have healthy ovaries that produce eggs capable of entering the fallopian tubes and womb. When a woman fails to conceive after repeated attempts, a doctor may advise laparoscopy and dye testing to determine the problem. Like all surgeries, this healthcare procedure involves certain risks which should be discussed with the surgeon before entering the operation theatre.

How is a Laparoscopy and Dye Test Performed?

This operation lasts about 20 minutes, under general anesthesia, and the patient can leave the hospital the same day. A fine instrument is inserted through the vagina allowing dye to enter the entire area. The surgeon makes one or two cuts just under the belly button and inserts a narrow telescope, a laparoscope, to get a good view of the reproductive system. Gas is used to inflate the stomach and the surgeon observes closely to determine whether the injected dye is traveling up the womb as required. The cuts in the belly are closed with stitches and normal work can be resumed after one week or so.

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