Laser Teeth Whitening Is Cheaper Than You Think

Laser Teeth Whitening: a Good Option for Grungy Teeth

Laser teeth whitening may be just the thing to brighten up that smile for you. Yes, I know that dental treatment can be scary, painful, and downright threatening, and most of us don’t really go the dentist until the condition is desperate. However, the first thing people will notice about you is your smile, and yellowed teeth do not create a good impression. So set aside that fear and inquire about a comprehensive laser teeth whitening for your teeth.

Okay okay. So maybe you’ve made the decision to have your teeth fixed a long time ago, but you can’t afford it. After all, 120 million Americans lack dental insurance, and even those who do have full coverage usually don’t qualify for laser teeth whitening since it’s a cosmetic procedure. But there are affordable and reliable alternatives worth exploring.

The Cost of Laser Tooth Whitening

Laser tooth whitening is a revolutionary new treatment in which the dentist can lighten the color of teeth a few shades almost instantly. A unique gel is applied to the teeth in a special tray. The material is held in place and a special laser is shone on the tray for about a few minutes to activate the chemical. The effects of this laser tooth whitening can last for up to three years depending on how the patient takes care of it, but the cost can be hefty. Depending upon the type of bleaching system, the technology, and degree of whitening required, the cost of laser teeth whitening can be steep, ranging anywhere from $400 to $900.

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Affordable Dental Tourism to India

The cost of laser teeth whitening can literally burn a hole in your wallet, so if you are up for a little medical vacation, you can try dental tourism to India. In India, you can consult with a trained specialist dentist who can evaluate your case and perform expert laser teeth whitening. In India the cost of laser tooth whitening can come to an approximate $380. With the savings from your dental treatment, you can enjoy a relaxed medical vacation at a prestigious resort. So brighten your teeth while on a medical vacation to India!

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