Leave Your Fat Behind in Singapore

Diet and Exercise before Liposuction Surgery

Fox News recently cited a new American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) study reporting that “a person’s overall level of body satisfaction has little influence on whether they elect to have plastic surgery.” Dr. Richard D’Amico, the president of ASPS, says that the study shows that “the majority of people who want plastic surgery have a normal level of body satisfaction.”

People seeking liposuction surgery, however, are the survey’s exception. According to the article, people “who were interested in liposuction did report lower body satisfaction than other individuals.” Most of the people who participated in the survey who reported being interested in liposuction also said they were unsatisfied with their weight. Noting this, D’Amico urges people to complete weight loss through diet and exercise and then consider liposuction for body contouring. “Liposuction is ideal for people who are at or near their ideal body weight,” he told Fox News.

The Key to Plastic Surgery Financing – an Airline Ticket?

D’Amico says that after patients lose weight through diet and exercise, they often feel the need to remove “stubborn, localized deposits of fat.” This can be done through the increasingly popular liposuction surgery procedure, the cost of which is unfortunately high in the United States. Choosing a medical tourism vacation to Asia can assist patients in their quest for affordable plastic surgery financing. Some patients choose to complete their transformation overseas, benefiting from the allure of exotic locations and the lower cost of liposuction surgery in popular medical tourism destinations like Singapore.

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Latest Technology in Singapore

Margaret Perry at Channel NewsAsia reports that tiny, modern Singapore is “seeing a rise in patients seeking both noninvasive cosmetic procedures as well as major cosmetic surgeries,” and among the most popular of the major procedures is liposuction. Perry reports that hospitals in Singapore are using the “latest technique” which utilizes ultrasound “to break down fat, making it easier to remove.” Dr Martin Huang told Channel NewsAsia that this technique makes fat “a lot easier to remove, and we can accomplish this much more gently with less trauma to the tissues, and it is more thorough and effective.”

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