Let Your Dentures Take Years off Your Face

The Cost of Dentures and the Cost of Not Having Them

Dental veneers are great for getting your smile back in shape. But how would that help a guy who just got all his teeth knocked out for getting fresh with the wrong girl? There are new US Census Bureau data that suggest approximately 47 million Americans are currently uninsured. And that’s just for healthcare. Dental insurance lags behind still further. After all, who likes going to the dentist? Even if he’s cute and available.

So, is the guy with no teeth doomed to look like his grandfather from the ripe old age of 33 onwards? Of course not! Medical tourism is a booming business. The cost of dentures can be included in a medical vacation to, let’s say, Thailand, and it still wouldn’t break the bank. This is demonstrated by the fact that Bumrungrad International Hospital, which is fully accredited by US and ISO accrediting agencies, serves approximately 55,000 Americans each year.

The True Cost of a Medical Vacation in Thailand

While it sounds terrific to get all your dental needs taken care of at incredibly cheap prices inclusive of a dream vacation, dental tourism safety cannot and indeed should not be overlooked. I’ve heard far too many unfortunate incidents from those who didn’t do their homework beforehand. Of the numerous hospitals and doctors that market their services for medical tourism, a small number of charlatans have increased concerns about getting what you bargained for. A stitch in time saves nine, I always say. Or somebody did, anyway. But the point is that taking dental tourism safety precautions could spell the difference between a good experience and a terrible one. It only takes a few minutes in this age of instant information via the Internet to check on the hospital’s track record and the doctor’s qualifications. Or you could always try a medical tour operator for guidance. One way or another, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe, get your teeth done, and have fun!

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