Listen Up, Ladies: He’s Just Not That into Credit

The relationship that a guy has with his finances will more than likely mirror the other relationships in his life. If he doesn’t take care of his credit by paying back debts and curbing his spending, chances are, he’s neglecting the other responsibilities and people in his life too.

I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…

If his financial situation is a wreck, then you should let your wandering eye glance right past him—no matter how deep his dimples may be.

Now I’m not saying to be a gold digger. But if he’s drowning in bills, routinely buys things he can’t afford, and doesn’t seem to care about achieving healthy credit by making good on his debts, that’s a problem.

If he is just not that into maintaining good credit, then you should really not be that into him. A long-term hook up with a financially irresponsible person will likely cause you to fall into debt, instead of falling in love.

Deadbeat or just down on his luck?

To be fair, there are exceptions to every rule. Your potential significant other may have had a very impressive credit rating before being buried by unexpected medical bills, an unforeseen layoff, or student loans.

If you’re not sure whether your guy is a credit deadbeat or just temporarily down on his luck, you’ll need to create your own personal FICO system. I’m not talking about the Fair Isaac Corporation, but rather “Female Intuition, Couple’s Obligation.” Because anything fishy you sense now might become your burden to sort out as a couple in the future. The system should be founded on your gut instinct and help to keep you from getting sucked into his spiral of debt and bad credit.

For instance, you can give your potential mate points for being upfront and honest about his financial situation. Subtract points if you found out his credit score sucked after receiving a phone call from one of his debt collectors. Increase his score if he is busting his “you know what” to get back into the financial good grace of the Fair Isaac Corporation. Subtract points if he does not know what Fair Isaac is. Oh yeah, and consider him borderline bankrupt if every one of your dates takes place at the mall.

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Don’t be a fool if you want to get serious

Pssst, if you are only interested in a short-term fling then you don’t even need to know where he lives—much less, his credit score. But if you believe he may be the one, keep this in mind: If he’s not even worthy of credit, can he really be worthy of you? This is especially apt advice during a recession, when you should do everything you can to stay financially afloat. When the economy has seen better days, you should treat a guy with bad credit in the same way a lender would treat him – (in my best Suze Orman voice) – “Denied!!!”

Money is the leading cause of divorce, next to a breakdown in communication. In most cases, there is a common thread between these two causes. Couples have a hard time creating a shared understanding when it comes to money. Don’t set yourself up for financial failure by not doing your homework.

Credit scores serve as the first introduction when a borrower and a lender come together to form a financial relationship. The system is not perfect, but for the most part, Fair Isaac gets it right. It makes sense to apply the same logic when forming a romantic relationship.

So, what “FICO” score do you give your guy? 

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