The Benefits to Hiring a Car, Not Owning One

With yet another increase on the price of fuel, not to mention a rise in insurance costs, many people have been left literally rationing when they can use their car. It’s little wonder that a growing number of motorists have decided to get rid of their car and hire one, when the occasion necessitates.

This might seem like a drastic step, but all of the associated costs certainly add up and it’s far cheaper to consider car hire. Southampton is just one city that offers this service, were a car can be hired just for the day. although many other cities throughout the UK offer car hire too. All in all, it definitely makes sense.

You might need some convincing, but ask yourself – and your wallet – is the money you pay out in order to drive to the supermarket really worth it? Here are a few benefits of shunning vehicle ownership…

Cost savings

According to the AA, ten years ago, the British average petrol price was just 76.9 pence per litre – pretty much half that which motorists are paying today. Diesel cost slightly more, at 878.1 pence. Filling a car with petrol these days can cost from about £60 to £100 – and just how long does that last? Quite frankly, it’s cheaper to use public transport and hiring a car on those occasions for which it is needed. You’ll pay purely for the petrol you need and won’t be liable for annual insurance premiums, road tax, nor the cost of repairs, services and MOTs. How many times have you bemoaned an expensive service bill? Hiring a car as and when could result in some truly significant savings.


As mentioned above, you will not have to worry about booking the car in for a service, buying those new tyres or correcting anything that fails on the MOT. You won’t need to stress about getting time off work to take the car in and pick it up. You won’t need to spend weekends turtle-waxing the car or hoovering up crumbs. You won’t have any of these obligations if you hire a car instead.

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Use of a nice car

Wouldn’t it be nice to drive around in a new-ish car or perhaps chance cars more regularly? Most people don’t get the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles very often. As a result, some are driving around in old bangers which cause constant embarrassment. If you decide to give up your car and go for the hire option, you can be choosing a motor from among a fleet of shiny, impressive and road-safe vehicles.

Eco-friendly and good for the heart

Admit it, how many times do drive short distances when you could have walked? A fair few, no doubt. We all do it. These little journeys are costing our planet in terms of unnecessary carbon emissions and costing our health due to blatant laziness. Hiring a car means that your carbon footprint will be dramatically reduced and your legs might get more of a stretch (maybe you could buy a bike with your savings?) Both of these are benefits that you could be hugely proud of, should you decide to get rid of your car.

Getting rid of your car – or perhaps declaring it SORN – might be a drastic approach, but it’s one that could save you money, save the planet and save your health.

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