5 Best Ipad Apps For Mountain Bikers

Traditional maps have a life span of about five minutes. By the time you’ve managed to find the section you’re looking for the wind has blown another part into your face, so inevitably the folding process begins.

And once this has started you might as well put your map in the bin. One fold leads to two, two leads to three and no matter how powerful your iron is you’ll never get the creases out of your new found origami masterpiece.

This is the last thing you want to be doing when you’re racing through dense woodland on a mountain bike. These top five tips for iPad and iPhone can help you maximise you’re mountain biking potential.

1. Mountain Bike Trails ($1.99)

This handy app -built by bikers for bikers – provides over 5,000 mountain bike trails which in turn offer more than 50,000 miles of endless enjoyment. With trails across USA, Great Britain, Canada and Australia, this app uses your devices GPS to give you direct locations to nearby trails and nearby shops in the case of emergency.

2. Atomic Software’s Bike Repair ($3.99)

Slightly pricier but certainly a lot cheaper than all those annoying repairs and maintenance costs your bike racks up throughout its lifespan. With a handy visual step by step guide this app provides solutions to up to 42 problems as well as helpful maintenance tips to keep your bike in good condition. Bike repair also provides helpful advice to prevent and treat common biking injuries.

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3. Yodel App ($0.99)

This app is a must, not just for mountain bike enthusiasts, but for anyone with a keen interest in the great outdoors. Yodel will help keep you safe as it allows you to sync your intended route and your time of return; so if you’re in distress, the app will immediately alert your contacts to your whereabouts and will vastly improve the odds of helping them reach you.

4. iMap My Ride ($1.99)

This app allows you to sync your workout details, distance, speed, and  number of calories burnt whilst connecting to your GPS to allow you to see a visual display of your current location. By connecting to the website you can upload your photos and work out details, allowing you to compare your workout and compete against your previous trails. iMap My Ride also allows you to take phone calls and send text messages without interrupting your trails.

5. PDF Maps App (Free)

Not the most advanced of apps, but any free app is worth having. This App’s PDF reader allows you to plot points on a map as well as figure distances and lets you figure out routes whilst on location. This app does not connect to your phone’s reception signals so there’s no need to waste any time searching for a signal and, considering you’re likely to be halfway up a mountain, this could be very useful!

Can you recommend any good mountain bike iPhone apps yourself? Share in the comments below.

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