Do You Pay Enough Attention To Your Short Game?

Improve Your Short Game

When things aren’t going to well out on the course and you look to improve your game, the first thing people usually do is to take frequent trips to the driving range in an effort to get those few extra yards on their drive or improve their accuracy and have their long game under control in a short time.

Some will shell out thousands on top branded drivers, and getting lessons from the pros. But all too often people are forgetting to work on the crucial aspect of their short game – getting the ball from the fairway onto the green and into the hole. Here we explore some tips for improving your short game.


Judge The Roll

Probably most important is thinking how the ball will bounce or roll after landing on the green. Many golfers don’t judge this correctly and the ball either falls short or bounces away from the hole and off the green – back to square one! Think carefully about distance, bounce and roll before taking the shot!

Experiment With Different Clubs

The pitching wedge is not necessarily the ideal choice, so remain flexible. The ideal distance for using the pitching wedge is about 20-30 yards from the green. But, if you’re further away, then using a club like an eight iron would be more suitable. Similarly, if you’re much closer, then a five wood used more like a putter is the best choice – gauge the distance, then choose!

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When in a bunker, use a short, compact swing, and remember to “chop” under the ball. Also, keep your club face more open!

Finally, let your hands lead the way. Place the ball quite far back in your stance, even behind your back foot. That way, the only way to get the swing to work is to allow your hands to lead the way.


Remember to “putt with a push”

Many golfers show a lack of acceleration when they putt, sometimes even decelerating the putter before it gets to the ball. You can improve on this by practising your putting without a backstroke, which will force you to give more of a push. Your hands, arms and the putter should form an even “Y” shape when you stroke, and remember to accelerate through the shot.

For longer putts

Imagine the hole is a few feet further away than you initially estimate, and always remember to follow through. A helpful strategy is to picture an imaginary circle around the hole about the size of a dustbin lid, and aim for that zone first. When you have a 20-foot putt on your hands, sinking it in two strokes is always good going!

Finally, when putting, always establish and follow a fixed procedure. This will help you quickly master the technique, and your success rate will steadily climb.

Hopefully this guide will be helpful in improving your short game and reducing your stroke rate, the best thing you can do now is get out there and practice!

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