Easy Way Getting Started In Motocross

Boys of all ages seem to be drawn to anything noisy and which contains an engine. Boys, and some girls too, will spend hours playing happily with their cars, trucks and fire engines and when they are little, the age at which they are able to get behind the wheel by themselves seems a very long way off. Children can get involved in motorsport at an early age on private land, and some of the big names in the world of Formula One, such as Lewis Hamilton, started winning races in go-karts when he was barely in his teens.

One of the most popular motorised sports for youngsters is motorcross, and with the combination of bikes, dirt and speed it’s not hard to see why so many kids get hooked on the sport.


The best way of getting started in the sport, even before you buy your first bike, is to make contact with your local motocross club. There are dozens of these clubs across the country and they cater for all ages and abilities. Go along the next time they are running an event or training session to allow your son or daughter the chance to experience the sport and first hand, see the bikes and have a chat with both the organisers of the club and the other kids.

Most clubs will welcome new members with open arms and may even run free of charge taster sessions before asking you to make any financial commitment. Always check out the qualifications and experience of the people doing any training, and make sure that you are happy that the safety standards are up to scratch.

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You can’t do motocross without a bike, and unless you are careful, the expense involved in buying a bike can easily spiral out of control. If you are involved with a club, you may be able to make contact with someone who is trying to sell a second hand bike their child has grown out of, or they will point you in the direction of an expert local retailer who can help you make the right decision for your child.

Proper training to ride the bike safely is essential, and although kids will be desperate to get out and race with their friends, it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their children know the basics and can be safe in the saddle.


When you start getting involved in the world of motocross, the range of accessories available can be baffling. Companies like Zeta accessories sell all sorts of items from axle blocks to engine plugs, but as a bare minimum your child must have a good quality helmet and proper clothing to protect them when they fall off. All of the other things are nice to have but can be bought over time as your child develops in the sport and you start to take on more of the bike maintenance yourself. Colourful items from Zeta accessories can give a bike an individual look and help it stand out in the crowd.

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