Easy Way Surf Fishing For Beginners

Getting some action with salt water fishing does not mean you need to pack up and head out on a boat, another option that can be a lot of fun and still result in some good catches is surf fishing. If you have never been surf fishing and don’t know where to start, don’t worry getting started with surf fishing is a lot about watching what the seasoned fishers are doing and having the right equipment. So gear up and head down to the beach because it is time to go fishing.

Where to Go and Knowing How to ‘Read the Surf’

Finding the perfect spot to set up on the beach for some fishing with friends or even on your own doesn’t require you to be an expert at reading the ocean. If you are new to surf fishing, find out where the locals that fish on the beach go, according to Bass Pro, and that is where you should be. Of course, you do not want to be right on top of their spot so you will still need some pointers on spotting the sweet spots of ocean for your best chance at catching some fish.

Bass Pro explains that you want to first look out at the ocean and locate the area between the first and second sandbar where you can see waves breaking white. Even better would be if there is a third bar out in deeper water, again breaking white. This is, the site explains, where the ocean water is pulled back out to sea and where fish and food co-mingle, making it the perfect place for your line and bait to be. Aim for this area when casting.

Also, keep in mind when the fish are most likely to be in close to shore, a lot of people in the water will scare them away and if the tide is too low, they won’t come in. Early morning fishing after low tide has passed is the best time to get out there for some action.

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Gearing Up for the Day

Of course finding the right stop and arriving at the right time will mean nothing if you do not have the right gear for surf fishing. It will not cost you a fortune to get the essentials when you are first starting out, and surf fishing equipment definitely is no where near the cost of having to buy a fishing boat and all that comes with it!

You will first need a good rod and reel, and according to Squidoo, this is the area you should not be frugal. As long as you take proper care of the rod and reel, there is no reason this equipment should not last you for years, so better to spend the extra money on a sturdy, high-quality one now and prolong the time you have before needing a new one.

Also, surf fishing is not going to be you just standing in one place for the entire trip, so you do not want to have your rods and reels and your tackle boxes with no way to easily move around. Squidoo explains that with surf fishing sometimes moving just 50 yards down the beach can make a world of difference with your catch, so you will need a fishing cart to make sure you can easily cart around all of your items and not take away from your valuable fishing time.

Once you have your equipment together and your spot picked out you are ready to start catching some fish good luck!

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