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What makes scooters so popular is that customers are able to pick which type of scooter fits their riding style best. There are freestyle scooters, the kick scooters and the very popular electric scooters. Each scooter is designed uniquely so you get exactly what your looking for whether you are grinding some rails or cruising along the beach.

Freestyle Scooters

Freestyle scooters were made for the streets. They are lightweight and very easy to maneuver. Take it to the skate park or around town and see what curbs you can hop and handrails you can grind without getting into too much trouble. Great freestyle scooters features full chrome four piece bars and an over size aluminum quad clamp to keep everything aligned.

In a freestyle scooter you will also want urethane wheels with hi-impact hubs for all your jumps and landings. And of course you want a freestyle scooter that looks great and is ready for anything you are.

Kick Scooters

A great kick scooter lets riders slide from side to side and drift around corners with ease. This is truly revolutionary when it comes to scooters with a three wheel designed and technology exclusive to premiere scooter brands. A classic kick scooter has adjustable rise bars so your ride is truly customized.

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Portability is often an issue in finding a grat kick scooter. Look for a hidden folding mechanism so you are able to store it in the trunk of the car or even in your school locker. The over sized urethane wheels are specifically designed for maximum tire control that grips as you move from side to side.

Having a molded deck grip also keeps you in control as well as the spring loaded caster helping you carve through each turn. An awesome kick scooter is ideal for cruising downhill or cruising at the beach and just a fun ride for anyone.

Electric Scooters

The electric scooters are definitely one of the more popular scooters on the market today because of the high voltage fun it offers its riders. A great electric scooter offers serious power with 24 volts that you can feel.

Riders can go up to ten miles per hour up to 40 minutes with only a single charge with some high end electric scooters! A battery that is rechargeable is an awesome feature, so you can definitely put some miles on your scooter. When getting an electric scooter look for one that is still light enough to do all the tricks and turns and gives you a smooth feel and an enhanced riding experience.

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