Is An Electric Scooter Right For Your Child?

Sometimes scooters get a bad rap and maybe people see scooters as a skateboard’s older dorky cousin or a lamer way to cruise on two wheels that is just not something they could see. These people got it all wrong!

Scooters can be just as fun and cool as skateboards if not more extreme especially when it is an electric scooter! A number of on-line retailers have the best electric scooters for kids that are available for an unbelievable price.

Think an electric scooter is too expensive especially for your child who will probably not take the absolute best care of it? Some scooters are made for kids and was made durable so your kids can play with their scooter time after time.

What Makes A Great Electric Scooter

A great electric scooter can go up to ten miles per hour with 24 volts of pavement ripping power but is still light enough that you can maneuver over curbs jumps and rails. An amazing scooter will last up to 40 minutes of ride time with only a single charge. Your kids will have more than enough time to ride around the neighborhood and even ride to school and back with their scooter.

A cool scooter comes with at least one 100-watt motor and a 24-volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery so they can recharge their scooter whenever they need. You should also look for a scooter with a belt drive system and can hold up to 120 pounds. Just these features alone make a great scooter stand apart from all other scooters.

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Scooters Breed Creativity

An awesome electric scooter can do some great things as riders become more daring and creative. Scooters can even be safer than skateboards because you have more control because of the handlebars and the urethane wheels and bearings that just grip the pavement.

You can take your electric scooter to the skate park or even do some freestyle runs around your neighborhood. Great scooters not only has all the electric scooter parts you may need they also offer rails and ramps so you can turn your driveway into your very own skate park.

With the a great scooter and the rails and ramps you can buy your kids will be excited to play outside all day without you having to be worried about them leaving your front yard. The Pulse Charger is available at many retailers and can be ordered online. Just choose which color you want your Pulse Charger, grab a helmet and get riding!

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