Kick Or Electric, Which Scooter Is Right For You?

You are reading this because you have already made the decision that you are going to purchase a scooter. You know that scooters are one of a kind, the only issue you have is which scooter your child will enjoy the most. Freestyle scooters are great but you are looking for something a little more different and unique because your child has already had a few scooters before.

You want something they have never seen before that is safe yet fun enough that they do not get bored of it after a couple hours. You have narrowed it down to a kick scooter and an electric scooter. Both scooters are incredible, but both have different features that create a completely different riding experience.

Scooters Are Always Fun

No doubt your child will have fun on either scooter you purchase, but you want the one that is perfect for them. Well, lets examine each scooter and you can see which one is more your style.

A kick style scooter is all about being in control and having fun. Some kick scooters are unlike any other scooter because they feature three wheels. The two wheels in the front are oversized made for maximum road contact.

The deck grip is specially molded to keep you in control while the spring-loaded caster helps you carve through turns. There is no kick, push, kick, push with a high quality kick scooter because all it takes is a quick swivel of the hips for you to get going.

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Ride Like A Snake

Riders use their bodies to slide side to side like a snake and even gain enough speed to drift around corners and edges. The rise bars are adjustable to offer a custom ride that puts your body in control. A kick scooter is great to take anywhere with smooth surfaces and is ideal for cruising along the beach boulevard on that hot summer day.

Electric Scooters

An electric scooter does not require any hip swivel but the push of a button to turn on the high watt motor. With one single charge the ride time is around forty minutes and can reach up to ten miles per hour.

An electric scooter is great for riding around the neighborhood and still light enough to be able to hop curbs, grind rails and go off pulse ramps. An electric scooter or a kick scooter will leave you satisfied with your purchase regardless of which one you bring home.

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