Playing Basketball With Kids Scores Big

There is a great emphasis today on being healthy and physically active. Adults and children alike can benefit from daily exercise and eating right. However it’s not always easy to find the motivation to get up off the couch and excercise. Having someone else to inspire you and keep you going will do wonders towards becoming healthier and living longer. For such inspiration, look no further than your children. Playing sports with your children is a fun form of exercise and an important first step on the journey to being more physically active. A great sport to start with is basketball.

Dribbling Improves Hand Eye Coordination

Even if you haven’t played basketball since your school days, grab a ball and start dribbling. Depending on the age of your children, they may or may not have been introduced to the sport yet. Dribbling a ball doesn’t come naturally to everyone but you will all benefit from continued practice. Connecting your hand with the ball at the right time to keep it bouncing might take time but as you learn, so will your children. The goal of dribbling is to be able to do so without looking down at the ball. In order to travel down the court or driveway, you need to look where you’re going as you dribble. Achieving this feat is a huge step toward improving your hand eye coordination.

Learning Layups Makes Nimble Feet

Anyone can hurl a basketball toward a hoop but using the proper form to do so will take some practice and repetition. Using the correct running approach toward the hoop means learning to perform a layup. Learning which foot to step with and when to shoot the ball toward the basket involves new thought processes in your brain. You and your children will discover that one side of your body is more coordinated than the other. A great way to up the physical and mental activity level of learning to layup is to work to improve the coordination on your weaker side. Being equally skilled in both directions of layups will give you nimble feet and improve your balance.

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Basketball Can Be Played Anywhere

You and your children don’t have to have access to a true court or gym in order to enjoy playing basketball. Playing in the driveway is just as much fun and oftentimes more active because the ball can take odd unpredictable bounces that send everyone chasing it. Even if you don’t have a hoop in your driveway, you can all practice your layups and free throws as long as you agree where the imaginary hoop is.

When playing basketball you’re being both mentally and physically active and this benefits you and your children’s overall health. As you are dribbling, running around and laughing you won’t even realize that you’re getting exercise and that’s the biggest score of all.

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