Reasons Why Artificial Turf Is The Best Surface For A Football Field

If you are looking for a good playing surface for your athletic field, artificial turf is definitely something that you will want to consider. Today, artificial turf is one of the leading sports playing surfaces in the entire world. It has evolved over the years from the old Astroturf that used to line athletic fields at stadiums across America. Today’s artificial turfs, such as Field Turf, are synthetic grass fields that feel like natural grass. They are not the hard, concrete surfaces that they once were. Field Turf is one of the most popular athletic playing surfaces in the entire world, especially when it comes to sports such as North American football. In fact, there are many professional and college football teams that utilize field turf in their stadiums these days. Over half of the teams in the National Football League (NFL) currently use field turf inside of their home stadiums. It is a playing surface that holds up great in bad weather as well.

One of the reasons why artificial turf is so appealing as an athletic playing surface is that it is very cheap and easy to maintain. Unlike natural grass, it does not need to be watered at all. Only the slightest of maintenance and upkeep is required for a synthetic turf field. This helps to save a lot of money, and it is also good for the environment because no precious water is needed for it. Also, many artificial turf athletic fields are partially made up of rubber that is recycled from old tires, so that is another way that artificial turf athletic fields benefit the environment in a positive manner.

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Other benefits of an artificial turf athletic field:

There are many other benefits of artificial turf athletic fields besides easy maintenance. Due to the fact that artificial turf holds up well even in very bad weather, the playing field itself will not be too negatively impacted and thus ruin the sporting event being played on it. Whether it is rain, snow, or sleet, artificial turf athletic fields hold up well. This is why so many NFL and major college football teams elect to have artificial turf in their home stadiums. Since today’s artificial turf playing surfaces are soft just like natural grass, they are much safer than older forms of artificial turf such as much older versions of Astroturf. Injuries have been cut down significantly with modern forms of artificial turf. Also, when it comes to football, artificial turf provides and much cleaner and more exciting game since players do not slip nearly as much as they do on natural grass. Here are some other key factors regarding artificial turf:

  • Traction and footing on artificial turf is always solid
  • Artificial turf holds up well in very bad weather
  • Today’s artificial turf athletic playing surfaces are very safe
  • It is both easy and cheap to maintain

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