Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Enrolled On A Sports Team

Playing on a sports team can enhance a child’s development, no matter what age he or she begins to play that sport. From a very young age, you can enrol your child in any sports teams that are available, including school teams for sports like football and netball. Girls and boys both benefit greatly from being enrolled in a sports program and playing with their peers on a team.

If you have contemplated enrolling your growing child on a sports team, or if your child has asked you if he or she can do so, you really should not hesitate, as the benefits far outweigh the risks. Read on to learn more about the positive lessons your child will learn from playing sports on a team.

Your Child will Learn to Work with Others

Playing sports as part of a team is a great way to introduce your young child to the idea of working with others in groups. Your child will need to learn how to work in a productive way with other children his own age, as well as older and younger children, when he starts going to school. And even after he graduates from school and is ready for the working world, he will still need to work with fellow adults in a team-oriented fashion.

People work in teams in the classroom as well as on the job, so starting your child off on the right foot means giving him or her the opportunity to be on a team and really learn what it is like to work with others to accomplish common goals. While learning how to score points together and win games and tournaments, a team of children are having fun and not even realising they are learning how to work together. It really just comes naturally, and it does not have to be forced.

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Your Child will Make Great Friends

Teammates often become very close friends, and they end up spending time together both on and off the field, so if your child is looking for other children with whom he can not only play and have fun with, but who also understand him and what he likes and dislikes, he can find many other children that have a lot in common with him if he joins a sports team.

Your Child will Gain a Sense of Competition

Being overly competitive is not a good thing because it can lead to jealousy and hostility and also to being a sore loser. However, a healthy sense of competition, of wanting to succeed and of wanting to do better than before, is necessary in a child’s development. This healthier level of competitiveness can come from being on a sports team, as your child will learn the honor that comes with winning and will also know how it feels to be defeated, teaching her to keep striving to better herself and overcome obstacles. These lessons will then continue to serve her throughout other areas of her life, including academics and work.

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