Skateboarding 101: Researching Your Starting Point

For the better part of the past two decades students and teachers alike have relied upon the internet as a guide and a learning tool. Thanks to the information that can be easily accessed online students have the opportunity to learn about any subject they can think of.  Many of the most researched subjects have to do with hobbies, sports, or interests, and not traditional academic topics.

Everyone from fantasy football fanatics to interior design buffs flock to the internet to research the latest tips or methods in order to improve their respective hobbies. One of the hobbies that has a huge following is skateboarding; skateboarders scour the internet daily for tips and tricks to improve their skills.

Resources on skateboarding can be found for all skill levels, from the beginner, all the way to the professional skater; who is looking to execute his tricks better to get ahead of the competition.

As a beginner it is important to lay the ground work and research the things you are going to need to know while practicing your hobby. Prior to learning their first trick, beginners must know how to protect themselves against injury. The basic shopping list for safety equipment includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads and gloves.

Once you have all of the gear you need to participate the real fun can begin, learning how to enjoy your new sport. As with any sport, there will likely be a learning curve involved somewhere along the line so as much as you may want to fly through the air like Tony Hawk, don’t be mad at yourself! Set goals that are realistic and will help keep you focused on your skills.

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Once a skater has the basic concepts of the sport down their world is open to a vast number of possibilities. These can include styles of board and even the style they choose to skate in.

There are two basic lengths of skateboards; each can be customized further to fit the needs of the skater. The first is the traditional shortboard. The second is the longboard which was invented in Hawaii as a cross training opportunity for surfers looking to hone their skills when the waves wouldn’t cooperate. Longboarding was actually known as sidewalk surfing until 1959.

For more extreme skaters there are also opportunities to combine skating with other activities like moutainboarding which allows skaters to combine some of the elements of skating with snowboarding. The sport started as a way to snowboard all year round, but has since broken out on its own.

The internet is full of various resources about the world of skateboarding in all of its styles. You may find diagrams and descriptions of tricks as well as the history of how each different style originated. You can also order your gear and even watch skateboarding videos online. The videos can be a fun way to learn a new trick or just check out fellow skaters to see what they are doing.

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