Summer Sport Essentials Tips

With winter hopefully all but a distant memory, summer is the time where it’s so much easier to make real inroads into getting fit and healthy. Eating a salad seems more appealing when it’s not 2C outside, and if there is still daylight when you get home from work it’s easier to get out and go for a run than when it’s dark and raining. Sport in summer is more accessible, but there are a few things you have to think about which are not a factor in the winter months.


When it’s hot we need to drink more than in the colder months, simply because we lose more fluid through sweating. If you are taking part in a strenuous sport like tennis or football, you will need to drink plenty of water or a specialist sports drink whenever you get the chance. Just think about how often you see the top tennis stars drinking from their sports bottles during breaks between games, and make sure you have more than enough water with you so you don’t get too thirsty.


Even in the UK, it’s possible to get burned if you’re out playing 90 minutes of football or watching a hockey match, and if you are spending hours on the golf course or playing a full day’s cricket, then good sunscreen is essential. Use a high factor and remember to re-apply your cream regularly during the day. As well as your face, remember to put cream on your neck, shoulders and limbs, and if your hair is particularly short it’s a good idea to wear a sun hat too. If you prefer the Australian cricketer look, or have skin which is prone to burning, a complete sunblock stick is a better investment.

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If we have a wonderfully sunny day it makes getting out and playing sport far more attractive, but there is no fun in not being able to see the ball as it comes towards you or have to screw up your eyes to focus on the road. Proper sports sunglasses are a great investment, and will keep you on top of your game and comfortable however sunny the weather is. Fox racing sunglasses are idea for cyclists or motorbike riders and other types of Fox sunglasses can be used for more general sporting pursuits.

Breathable Fabrics

Many items of clothing made for sports are made from man-made fibres such as polyester or nylon, and these sorts of fibres are not good and keeping heat away from the body. Garments made from natural fibres like cotton or linen will keep you cooler, and when it comes to footwear, try to follow the same rules and go for cotton socks and shoes made from either leather, or a special fabric like Gore-Tex which is designed to draw moisture away from your skin. If you are going to be outdoors hillwalking or fishing, remember that a day which starts off fine and sunny can soon turn cold and foggy, so take a lightweight waterproof jacket with you and wear layers which you can add and remove as necessary.

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