Top 5 NBA Point Guards Of ALL Time

There is no more important position on a team than the point guard. Even on teams with superstars at other positions, the point guard has to operate the offense well in order for the stars to get the ball where they need to score. Having an elite point guard gives a team a huge advantage. Here is a look at the five best point guards in the history of the NBA.

1. Magic Johnson

He is not the all-time assists leader in NBA history, but no one played the position with more skill and flair than Earvin Magic Johnson. His nickname was very apt, as Magic redefined the position of point guard with his incredible passing skills that made the Los Angeles Lakers Showtime teams so much fun to watch. At a height of 6’9, Johnson was the most versatile player on the court at all times. In fact, he is the most versatile player in NBA history. No one else has started at center and at point guard in an NBA finals game. Magic actually started at center one night when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was injured.

2. Oscar Robertson

This man was the first modern-day point guard who could do it all. He was amazingly athletic in an era when few others were. His leaps, shots and passes were light years beyond what anyone else at the time was doing. He was such a skilful player that he actually averaged a triple double during his amazing MVP season in 1964.

3. John Stockton

The NBA’s all-time leader in assists, Stockton was not the most athletic player on the floor most nights. However, he was undoubtedly one of the smartest players to ever play the game. This intelligence also led him to become the NBA’s all-time leader in steals. No other player has done more with his ability than the marvellous Stockton. To watch him drop dimes to Karl Malone on the pick and roll was a thing of beauty. The only flaw on his resume was his failure to win a ring, but he did make 10 All-Star teams over the course of his nineteen seasons.

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4. Steve Nash

The only person on the list to still be an active player, Steve Nash transformed the modern point guard. He is the prototype for the point guard we see in the league today. For years, everyone wanted a tall point guard who could see over the defence like Magic Johnson. Nash, at a comparably short 6’3, used his lighting quickness to blow past the defence. Though that quickness is much diminished, he still possesses his wizardly passing skills and the amazing floater that every point guard in the league now imitates.

5. Bob Cousy

This man helmed one of the greatest NBA dynasties in history. He won six championships with the Boston Celtics, adroitly managing a team that featured the legendary Bill Russell in the post. Cousy led the league in assists for a staggering seven straight seasons, which is a feat no one has come close to matching.

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