Tops Tips On Locker Room Etiquette

If you’ve only just got yourself a gym membership then you’ll be new to the whole gym experience. Obviously you’ll have a tour of the gym and a proper induction to go through before you can get started on a proper exercise regime, but it’s a good idea to know how you’re expected to behave around the changing rooms too!

There’s just no substitute for good locker room etiquette when you’re a member of the gym. When a lot of people are forced to share the same environment because they want to stay fit and healthy, it’s a good to make sure you contribute positively rather than negatively.

Perhaps the best way to contribute positively is to contribute very little. If people notice you in the locker room, it’s probably because you’re doing something that irritates them rather than something they appreciate. Here are a few tips to help make sure you don’t turn into one of those locker room characters that everyone loves to hate.

Bring a pound coin

It all starts with a quid. Always make sure you’ve got a pound coin on you when you go to the gym because most lockers are operated using them. Don’t be the person who has to ask every single time you go to borrow one, either from staff or other gym members. You can get key rings of the right size and weight too.

It’s not your bathroom

You’re sharing this space with others so don’t treat it like your own private bathroom. This means conducting yourself with a bit of common decency. Keep your bodily functions in check and don’t spend more time in the buff than you need to in order to wash, dry yourself and get ready.

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Be compact

Changing rooms can be busy with gym members at peak times so don’t spread out too much. Keep things in your locker till you need them on limit the number of pegs and the amount of bench space you take up.

Be quick

People don’t necessarily feel that comfortable if there’s someone hanging out in the locker room for longer than seems appropriate. Take the time necessary for you to go through your routine but don’t use the place as somewhere to hang out.

Clean up after yourself

The best strategy here is to leave the place exactly as you found it. Don’t leave wrappers and things behind in lockers, it’s just not terribly courteous and all you end up doing is contributing to a poor general locker room culture. If one person does it, so will the next.

Control your kids

It’s often the case that parents take out family memberships and gyms so their kids can learn to swim and get involved in sports. This is a great idea – kids need to use up energy and it’s good for them to learn social skills through physical activity – but they should behave themselves in shared spaces like locker rooms! It’s your responsibility to keep them in control and to teach them the good etiquette you’ve learned.

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