Using A Good Folding Knife When Fishing

Have you ever tried to go fishing without a good folding knife by your side? It couldn’t have been a pleasant experience as all fishermen need a quality, rust-proof knife by their side. All experienced fishermen know they won’t get far in the boat or on the shore fishing without a knife like the Benchmade Osborne, to make their life easier. For anyone with a love a fishing, a knife is an essential part of their fishing gear, as it serves many purposes from survival to everyday tasks. Additionally, the Benchmade knives can turn your live fish into a hearty meal.

Fishing Uses For A Knife

While there are many reasons an avid fisher needs a knife, most find knives fill several common purposes. Because you never know the complete terrain of where you’re going to fish, from oceans to mountain streams, you don’t know who or what you’re going to run into. Will you be a target, viewed as food or seen as a threat to some animal’s habitat? You need to keep that knife in an easy to reach, easy to find place to stave off danger.

Assuming there is no danger in sight, there are a ton of utility reasons why you could use a knife like a Benchmade Osborne folding knife on your next trip. Fishermen are forever needing knives for snarled lines, trimming the tag ends on a knot you’ve just tied, or cutting up kindling for a fire on the banks of the river. A multifunctional knife is truly essential.

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Where To Keep Your Knife When Fishing

While most people think their pocket knives should be in their pockets, some people wear fishing gear that do not have pockets. For those people, a knife attached to their belt works well or even affixed to your waders when you’re out in the water. This makes it easy to flip out when needed. If you’re fishing out in the water, having the knife with you, instead of in the tackle box back on the bank, can mean a matter of life and death, especially if you fall, your waders get filled and you need it to cut yourself loose.

If you wear a fishing vest, like many do, knives like Benchmade folding knives fit well in there or a chest or waist pack. With all sorts of useful blades and tools at your disposal, it’s good to have the knives in an easy to get to place. You just never know when you’re going to need to tighten a handle that has come loose on a reel or open a package of lures in the water. There’s even stories of people using their knives to help fix the prop on the boat in the middle of the ocean.

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