4 Reasons For Using A Rig Cooling System

Rig cooling is mainly required in oil and gas companies, where it acts as a safety measure. The system of rig cooling was invented when well testing was developed. When well testing was executed for the first time, people felt the need for protection against thermal radiation. This was crucial during flaring operations. Soon water curtains were gradually introduced as a system of rig cooling. They helped implement quality well-testing, so that operations could be executed without causing any unwanted damage.

You may be wondering what rig cooling actually is. Well, it is a simple technique which is inexpensive, but is still considered one of the most reliable methods of controlling and mitigating, several dangers that might crop up in the process industry. It protects against hazardous heat formed due to thermal radiation. This protection ability covers humans as well as machines. To ensure that water curtains work properly, several physical mechanisms have been combined and incorporated.

A water curtain can be described as a cooling system, which is installed behind burner heads or at other necessary places. The site of the water curtain needs to be examined and required modifications made, to support the installation of a water curtain. These tasks should be handled by an expert crew, that is well trained and has years of experience in fire fighting. The installation of a fire suppression system is a must on a rig, to prevent the occurrence of hazardous incidents.

Other fields in which a water curtain may be used are the military, fire department, race tracks and the government. Some benefits that has increased the popularity of this cooling system are –

  • It prevents unwanted damage and encourages successful completion of operations by providing an efficient means of cooling. This mechanism became popular because of its ability to form a protective shield against thermal radiation.
  • A water curtain is a mechanism that is characterized by spraying water. It is usually used in process industries, and involves several physical mechanisms for its successful execution. The sprayed water prevents injury to personnel and damage to equipment, from powerful and dangerous radiating heat.
  • This rig cooling system appears as a curtain of water. It is located behind burner heads, so that it cools the most important areas. Proper evaluation should be conducting before installing the machine, to enable the company to make optimum use of the system. It is inexpensive but very reliable.
  • This type of cooling system works well for fighting against fire, and cuts off the immense release of heat. If the generation of heat is above a certain limit, then other oil drilling and offshore tests should be conducted.
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You may be wondering where to find an expert who can assist you in getting the right cooling system, as per your site requirements. The best source for this information is the Internet. Today, almost everyone knows how to find information on the Internet. You just need to type the appropriate keyword in a popular search engine, and a long list of specialists who handle cooling system services would be displayed.

You will need to choose the best service provider out of this mass, and ensure your investment is beneficial. One can first make a comparative study of the services and customer handling capabilities of all providers. Also check the feedback provided by ex-clients. If you have any queries, feel free to approach their customer care services. Just call them up and all your queries will be answered. Some companies also provide instant chat facilities. Try and get detailed information about what they provide, and how they work in reality.

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