5 Best Investment Apps

Most people have difficulties when it comes to updating their financial goals. They may fall behind or lose track when checking their investment accounts, loans or savings. There are various apps that have been developed to assist individuals handle their finances from convenient locations.


Pageonce is free and it is available on windows, android, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. This app allows users to make easy online payments at a discounted rate of 30 cents for each transaction. Pageonce is a perfect app for individuals who do not like making automatic bill payments. If you use this app, you will have better control over the amount of money that goes to your service providers.


This app is free and it is available on android, iPhone and the web. Mint.com helps users keep track of their accounts. You can use this app to track your credit card usage and bank account activities. Additionally, the app is helpful in organizing balance sheets.
What makes mint.com to be ranked amongst the best investment apps is that it gives users timely reminders about bills. Users can also prepare budgets and create investment goals using this app. Mint.com also performs all functions automatically, making it easier for you to manage your finances.


MoneyStrands is a free app that is available on iPhone, iPad and Online. The app has customizable alerts, and it also shows all important financial information, transactions and account balances. This app is helpful as you can use it to track your account updates. You can also add and delete budgets in the budget tool in this app.

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Even though MoneyStrands is free, it does not compromise on functionality. This app aggregates activities across your accounts, and delivers it in an interface that is simple and easy to understand. The budget tool in the app allows you to keep a firm stand on your finances, even when on the move.


SigFig is free and it is available on android, iPhone and on the website. You can this app to manage your funds, stocks, 401k, IRA and portfolio investing. This is regarded as the best free way that individuals can use to manage and keep track of their personal finances. It is a secure personal finance app, which you can sync with your personal finances and investment accounts. A large number of people choose to connect their investments with SigFig as the app checks portfolios for overcharges, hidden costs, underperforming funds and it provides users with alternatives.


Morningstar investment app features ideas provided by analysts at Morningstar.com. The app also provides users with information regarding mutual funds. If you are in need of investment and economic news, this app will be useful. This is because Morningstar offers financial news services in addition to standard quotes that all the other apps can provide.

These 5 apps will definitely help you make smart financial choices so you are able to budget, save and score stock profits from anywhere. These investment apps all encompass personal finance tools, which will help you gather up to date information about your bank and investment accounts.

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