5 Productivity Slumps (and Technological Fixes)

Like any other weapon, technology can be used for good or evil. When it comes to living a productive lifestyle, your gadgets can be a powerful ally or a persistent foe it’s all a matter of how you relate with them. When used right, we do believe that technology can help you overcome many typical productivity slumps. In case you’re wondering how, this article will lay out a blueprint.


Here’s the number one threat against productivity in the modern world: a widespread tendency towards procrastination. While this is an impulse that comes from within, it’s often augmented by the plentiful distractions and entertainment options surrounding you. To counter this tendency, here’s what we propose: get out of the house, carrying the bare minimum of accessories and equipment you need to get work done. If you need to catch up on reading, take nothing but the books and papers you’re reading.

If you need to do some computer work, take just your laptop (preferably one where you have no games, videos or similar distractions). The key to avoid procrastination is simply to go someplace where you feel alert, and limit your options in terms of things to do it’ll be a matter of time before boredom kicks in and you start doing what you have to do.

Low Creativity

If you work demands creativeness and you don’t always feel those juices flowing, your smartphone can be a most valuable assistant. Because you always carry it around, you just need to get in the habit of using it right. Get a note-taking app installed ideally one that supports voice recording (such as Evernote) and start using it to capture any ideas or insights as they occur to you. Get used to brainstorming on the go, and soon you’ll find plenty of material you can draw from in the times you don’t feel as imaginative.

The important thing here is to get in the habit of writing down ideas (or recording them for future reference). Everyone experiences various creative moments throughout the day, but few people can get creative on demand. Start making a note of your good ideas for future reference, and you’ll always have them in stock when you need them the most.

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Low energy

Maybe you don’t quite realize it, but lack of energy is another major threat to your productivity. And the funny thing about energy is: the less you move around, the less energy you have available. The thing here is that you need to get more physical walk around more, if possible take up jogging, or consider joining a Gym.

You’ll be amazed at how getting more physical activity will improve your stamina. For a technological aid, try installing a jogging / pedometer app to keep track of your daily activity and make sure you’re regularly on the move. Keeping an activity log will do wonders for your perspective, by helping you keep track of the amount of exercise you actually get.

Time management

One of the main reasons why many people fall short of their ideal productivity is because they try to do many things at once. Unlike computers, humans are not so good at multitasking so it’s usually best to split your tasks into bite-sized portions, set up a schedule and stick to it.

We recommend setting up a cross-platform calendar that you can access from your multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, etc) and start organizing your time efficiently (no point in having unrealistic expectations, or over-estimating your capacity to get things done). It’s much more important to get in the habit of sticking to your schedule and never to postpone any tasks. To that effect, it’s better to start slow and pace yourself as you get better at sticking to the schedule.

Overwhelming feelings

Sometimes you’ll have so many things to do, you’ll have trouble just deciding where to begin. In those moments, it’s best to just go back to basics never mind your gadgets for a moment. Just grab a pen and paper pad, and start organizing your thoughts. Make lists of your pending tasks, prioritize them, articulate them on smaller chores.

Doing so will help you organize your thinking and clear those feelings of stress. When you’re done you’ll have an action plan transcribe it to your electronic schedule and stick to the plan. If you keep at it, sooner than later you’ll feel you’re getting ahead in the productivity game.

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