5 Ways Software Has Changed The World By Automating Tasks

Everyone uses software. Even without a computer, there is a computer program somewhere that automates a task that we often take for granted. In fact, a simple act of going to the grocery store or depositing a check at the bank uses complex software.

Matched Shopping Efficiency

With the growth of the internet came growth of various applications for smart phones that enable users to have instant access to data when shopping. This has radically changed store brands and marketing due to the fact that there are several factors that these applications have automated:

  • Increased competition for the best deal
  • Increased awareness on healthy choices
  • Increase in more social-oriented marketing schemes

As a result, consumers have become keener on trends as well as what constitutes a “good deal”. As a result of this automation of data, businesses have developed more robust marketing teams and product review boards.

Personal Finance & Accounting Made Simple

Prior to the creation of both home and small business finance programs, most users sought after an accountant or even an lawyer to settle financial management. This was a task that often took the course of many months in some cases. Personal finance software has been updated to all the latest legal and tax codes, allowing for a seamless way to manage money. It has also prompted individuals to consider opening a small business-a feat that would have otherwise been burdensome with extra fees. This makes the job easier on the accountant as well. By having services automated consumers can save money with direct deposits and clear invoices. Accountants, lawyers, and legal aides can also have access to clearly defined ‘paper trails’ for individuals such as landlords or the IRS.

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Increased Efficiency in the Home

Long ago, the idea of a smart home usually met with a hefty price tag. Now, both open source and paid software have allowed everyday consumers to create energy efficient, high tech homes. In some cases, it has allowed for affordable ways to integrate the home computer into the heart of the home:

  • A true home theater and entertainment center experience
  • Reduction in electric bills with smart meters
  • Increased embedded applications in appliances to increase efficiency as well as connection to the internet

Reduced Risks in Business

Businesses will always need to assess risk management as part of their growth plan. Advanced project management programs have allowed businesses to quickly develop project plans as well as market any assessed risks. The result is a more clear transparency. Software has changed the way business works in the world: global partnership and full transparency is the new name.

Efficient Banking

With the creation of the Federal Reserve Check 21 act, banks are quickly falling in line to create robust electronic exchanges and clear checks more quickly. It is a slow dismantling of the old-fashioned shipment of checks into an electronic software-enabled banking system. This has created an incredible growth factor in developing applications and encouraging banks to become more “high tech” with updated services.

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