8 Of The Best Medical Apps

There are a lot of medical conditions that a human body can experience that it can’t even fit in a single book. Regardless whether you’re a doctor or just a normal person, perusing hundreds and thousands of books just to find that one specific disease you’re looking for takes a lot of time. But wouldn’t it be great if you could just have them all in one place and going through all of them wouldn’t take so much time? Lucky for us, there are already a lot of medical apps that would be as good as any medical equipment that you could download to your iPhone or Android handsets.


This is probably one of the most downloaded app in the medical category on the Apple Store. It can retrieve health articles from different feeds and also provide free information on various diseases. In addition, on this app you can also find various videos about specific diseases as well as tutorials on different medical procedures. Medscape is also available for Android.


Just like Medscape, Epocrates also provides information on different disease. But what’s unique about this app is that it can tell you what drug you can take when you are experiencing a certain kind of condition and it will also tell you what time you should take it.

3D4 Medical

This app is great for those who would want to explore the anatomy of the human body. With the use of 3D technology, users can navigate through different parts of the body as well zoom in and out of different places, rotate certain areas and even enables you to see superior and anterior views of any area.

Muscle Trigger Point

This app is ideal for those people who would want to research about trigger points in the human muscular system and any tight places in the human body that can cause pain. With over 100 trigger points associated with over 70 muscles, this app can identify that specific trigger area and would also advice you to take the best course of action to relieve the pain. This app is available on iPhone and Android.

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Visual DX

Also available for Android and iPhone, Visual DX by Logical Image delivers digital imagery of diseases especially on the skin and it also shows different images depending on the disease progression. This app comes free when you subscribe to Visual DX.


This app is widely used by clinicians to identify whatever medication, counseling or screening services that may be fit for their patients. This app is developed and designed by United States Department of Health & Human Services. In addition, this app can also determine the specific course of action depending on the patient’s specific characteristic such as age and sex.

Airstrip Cardiology

The Airstrip Cardiology app provides cardiologist the information they needed to come up with a sound and timely decisions with the use of the phone’s own digital capabilities. Currently only available for iPhone, this app can also let cardiologist view waveform data that cardiologist can then analyze which then would lead them do a sound diagnosis and treatment.

Skyscape Medical Resources

With access to more than 800 separate medical topics, this app can provide you with different information such as drug information, medical calculators and medical searches. This app is also available on Android as well as the iPhone.

So those are some of the best medical apps that anyone can use for themselves and for others. Though it’s still best to consult medical professionals, having an idea about diseases isn’t bad at all.

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