A Career as a Software Engineer

Ever wondered who looks after the complete life cycle of a bespoke or new software product that you are using at present? The answer to this question is the software engineers. Starting from the research, planning, development, design and the implementation of the software product to provide training and support to the users; a software engineer performs all these tasks.

The responsibilities of a software engineer are to

  • Investigate existing software applications
  • Communicate with users
  • Create specifications
  • Set the price of new and bespoke software systems
  • Write new software manuals and operate them
  • Test products to ensure their functionality
  • Train users
  • Respond to the queries of the users

Software engineer jobs involve pressure to fulfil deadlines so, working overtime may be required. A candidate having good academic background and relevant work experience can command a handsome salary.


Most companies prefer to recruit candidates for the position of software engineers who have a degree in Information Technology, electronics or computer science. Specialisation in more than one programming language is essential. Experience acquired during internship or vacation work can be helpful. Key skills needed in this work field are numerical, computing, business, communication, analytical and adaptation skills.


At the entry-level, you can expect a salary ranging from £21,000 to £25,000. When you attain a managerial position, you can command a salary amount up to £70,000. In addition to this, there are bonuses. The bonus amount is determined considering the overall performance. MNCs provide health insurance benefits to their software engineers.

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Types of Jobs you can consider

You have many options to choose from when you are looking for jobs as a software engineering degree. There are permanent, contract and interim engineering jobs for software engineers. Permanent positions offer stability, good compensation package and job benefits. Jobs on contractual basis give the chance to work with different employers on diverse projects. When it comes to interim software engineering jobs, extensive experience and expertise are essential.

Employment opportunities

Software engineers have employment opportunities in IT, electronics and telecommunications companies, IT consultancies and software firms. Organisations using computer systems recruit software engineers. These professionals can seek self-employment after gaining years of experience.

How to find jobs

Software engineering recruitment agencies advertise jobs in newspapers and publications. If you wish to build a career as a software engineer, you should keep an eye on the advertisements so that you do not miss a golden opportunity.

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