About Rear Projection Screens

Rear projection screens are mainly used in conferences and events, to project visuals for an audience. They are also used by movie halls to play movies. In addition, rear projection screens may also used for home theatres. They serve different objectives at different places. Hence, there are various types of projection screens.

Rear projection screens can be of the wall-mounted type, the pull-down type, or the mobile type. The main purpose of a wall-mounted projection screen is to precisely reproduce visuals. This type of projection screen is commonly used in movie halls or for a home theatre system. The pull-down projection screen system does not require a fixed position, and can be installed as and when needed. The mobile type of screen is basically a pull-down screen attached to a free and flexible stand. However, it does not produce as clear and perfect images, as the other two types.

A rear projection screen is mostly matte-white or grey in color. These shades project colors accurately, and prevent images from losing color. Matte grey screens also reflect less light from the projector, and therefore end up absorbing less light from the room. The ratio for image brightness is also very well maintained.

These screens are usually flat or curved. However, flat ones are more popular. Some screens support both back and front projection systems. In front projection systems, the projected light is diffusely reflected by the screen. Back projection screens work differently. The light is projected on them from behind, which is diffusely transmitted through them.

Like any other electronic device, rear projection screens are available in both good and bad quality. The consumer decides how much they would want to spend to buy projection screen. It is obvious that a good quality projection screen would cost more than an inferior quality one. However, it is essential to thoroughly check the details of a projector screen, before actually making a purchase. Most dealers provide a complete list of their screen offerings, so ensure you go through it in detail.

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Projection screens are mainly used for commercial purposes like movie halls, events, and conferences. When you buy projector screen, you need to keep the size and the maximum or minimum viewing distance into account. Maximum distance refers to the farthest distance between the viewer and the screen, while minimum distance is the closest distance. There is a specific formula for calculating this. If you wish to know more you can ask a manufacturer for details.

It is important to purchase a projector screen from a good electronics shop. The costs involved are high, so keep the essentials in mind before buying one. Check with people on the best quality projector screens available in the market. Go for brands which are reliable and have a return policy. Ensure you read through the terms and conditions of the purchase. In case of any fault, the manufacturer should guarantee a free repair or exchange it during the warranty period.

Many people purchase projector screens online as well. However, it is advisable to check the device physically rather than purchase it online. Many shops offer good discount rates, which you can avail of.

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