An Overview of Information Security Careers

In the current economic scenario, there is an increasing opportunity in information security jobs. Recession has minimal impact on critical areas of Information Technology (IT). These crucial jobs include architecture, information security, business process, eCommerce and several ERP jobs. Among these sectors, information security seems to be the most secured in terms of employment.

Why is there so much demand for skilled information security workforce?

Protection of business data

At present, information security is a significant part of enterprise risk management. IT security now plays a central role within an organisation. It is concerned with revenue management, data protection, management of business priorities, compliance requirements and controlling internal and external threats to organisations. It is also a part of security job to protect a company from data loss, adverse publicity and disregard of law. Therefore, IT security goes well beyond the technical roles of firewall configuration or antivirus updates.

Increased demand for security

Data loss, security breaches and intrusions have become quite common. Customers of the IT Company therefore, seek proper security of their IT products, environment and services. Vendors, in order to maintain their goodwill and keep up customer confidence, are prepared to invest in information security, so that customers’ data and privacy are protected effectively.

Laws and regulations

The laws of the state make information security, data protection practices and auditing mandatory. This factor has increased the demand for talented professionals in security jobs. If the company fails to comply with the regulations of state, it has to pay irrecoverable damages and high amount of fines. Therefore, the companies prefer to invest in security workforce in order to fulfil the legal requirements.

Changing technology

There is an increased demand for virtual storage, applications, servers and desktops which is different from the physical computing environment. These emerging technologies pose fresh challenges in terms of security as well. Hence, there is an increased demand for professionals who are capable to ensure IT security in any kind of environment.

What types of candidates employers prefer for various positions in information security?

The top IT security positions require experts who can use their business, regulatory compliance and technology knowledge to generate profit. Even those looking for a security analyst or administrator job must have the ability to function in multi-platform environments. In-depth knowledge of network administration and security infrastructure are crucial for these jobs. Therefore, those who have prior experience in system security have a better opportunity in this field. Strong interests in business planning, application development and systems analysis will enable a professional to climb up the career ladder at a rapid pace.

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At present, there is a high demand for secure software and web systems development. Therefore, top jobs in this industry seek candidates with skills of access controls, system integration, data integration and data loss prevention. Specialised knowledge of C++, .Net, Java and injection coding can also help secure a top security job.

Most sought-after skills

The skills and aptitude that attract the attention of employers are

  • Incidents analysis and management
  • Security architecture
  • Network security
  • Ethical hacking
  • Forensic analysis
  • Security management

Apart from this knowledge, an information security professional has to stay up-to-date in terms of technological advancement. It will be impossible to ensure security without advanced knowledge. Therefore, you must have a keen interest to expand your knowledge base from time to time. You may have to closely follow various technical journals, attend seminars and training courses to gain relevant technical knowledge.

Educational requirements

Companies usually opt for candidates with bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in information system management.  However, educational qualification is not the only criteria for those aspiring for an information security position. A certification in the relevant field is mandatory. Information security is a vast sector with various job possibilities. Secure a certificate in the area in which you will like to begin your career.

Certificates can be obtained for:

  • Information system auditing
  • Incident handling
  • Hacking Forensics investigation
  • Forensic analysis
  • Secure software programming
  • System security
  • Information security management

However, there will be an opportunity to diversify your career and work in other sectors with experience. It will be much easier to bag an excellent job offer if you possess on-the-job experience. The internship programs provide an opportunity to acquire relevant experience in specific fields as well as work as a trump card in a job market.

Emerging technologies and growing threats to information have created long term demand for security professionals. Many hybrid businesses are interested in recruiting security professionals across all functions. This has created a huge number of information security jobs. Although these security jobs are challenging, hard work may lead to a better future.  However, those having relevant knowledge and interested to upgrade their technical skills from time to time can only thrive in this industry. With few years of experience, it becomes possible for an individual to achieve the position of security architect or security manager.

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